Just Do It

Up until I started (sort of) working out, I never really got the Nike slogan.

Just Do It.


I used to think that Nike was pressuring its customers into buying its athlete-geared products by beating around the whole “here are the reasons why you should purchase our sneakers today” act, and getting straight to the point– just do it.

Well, once I started forcing myself to work out– something that I really hate(d) because my idea of being active is parking my car really far away from the mall entrance– I started understanding this slogan more.

I think most people can agree that getting through a tough set of exercises isn’t always fun, but we need to push ourselves to get results we want–push ourselves to do what? Push ourselves to just do it. Because once we just do it, we can feel good about ourselves.

This slogan, I feel, applies in all aspects of life. Those three words force us to take the plunge, go a little longer and to take that first step.

By simply telling yourself to just do it, whatever that task may be, you cut out all other options except the one you are trying to get through. Whether it be exercising, taking the dog for a walk, studying for an exam or trying something new, it all starts by just doing it.

Normally I’m a little shy about my writing, but giving the career path I have chosen, I cannot be afraid to publicize myself. Although I knew this already, I kept telling myself that I would start seriously blogging…eventually. But then I remembered Nike’s slogan.

And I just did it.

Welcome to my new blog. I hope you’ll stay a while.



2 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. Sarah McBride

    The slogan applies to everything in life! Most of the important things we have to do are not fun at all. But who said they have to be? That is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Just doing it : )


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