My biggest commitment and why I don’t regret it

I’ve made the biggest commitment of my life.

I joined the gym and now I’m committed to it for one year.

I’ve never been the athletic type, despite my skinny, athletic shape.

I may look like I’m in shape, but I’m not. I just have the skinny genes, I guess hah.

To be honest, I’m not in shape or fit at all. I walk up a flight of stairs, and I am exhausted!

 People have always given me a hard time when I say that I want to start working out.

“OMG, shut up. You’re so skinny!”

“What! You do not need to lose weight at your age.”

“You have such a beautiful shape. You’re not fat at all.”

Well, in short, I won’t always be skinny.

I’m 21 years old and my metabolism is just starting to slow down. Even though others may not see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

I am the one who has seen my body every day since I was born. I’m the one who knows what used to be leaner and more toned and what could use some work.

And, aside from all the physical appearance stuff, working out is good for your body.

One thing I know for a fact: you will never regret a workout.

Because you can’t regret doing something that is good for your body and mind.

So why should I feel bad about going to the gym, just because I’m not fat?

I’m not gonna be skinny forever. I know that. And because I know that, I know I want to get into the habit of taking care of myself at a young age when I’m still on the skinnier side, and not leave it for when I’m gaining weight that others can see, too.

I hope that this will be a commitment I can make last for longer than a year. I am definitely enjoying it thus far.

Your body is your own. Take care of it as you see fit.

2 thoughts on “My biggest commitment and why I don’t regret it

  1. oneactivelife

    I completely agree with your thoughts. Excercise is not just about being skinny. It’s important for your physical and mental health as well. You have the right attitude in deciding to ignore people who think you don’t need to bother. Everyone needs to bother! It’s super impressive that you have realised this before being forced into it by future health issues. You go girl! Jess x


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