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Why the Octopus is a Total Party Bro

The octopus shows up at the party all like ‘What’s up, I’m here to party.’



Need help opening that beer can? The octopus has got you!



The cops show up to bust the party? The octopus is a pro at hiding from cops



It can even hide in a beer bottle!



When the cops leave, the octopus is all ‘fuck the police, let’s rage on’



The next morning, the octopus, though very hung over, will still get breakfast with you



Just don’t ask him about the questionable decisions he made last night

nope nope


Goodbye Flappy Bird, Hello Flying Cyrus

By now, almost anyone can identify the gentle humming of a certain yellow bird ‘flapping’ its wings, the bling sound that only comes when the bird successfully flies through two green pipes, and the heartbreaking smack sound when the bird crashes into the pipes or ground.

The smartphone app Flappy Bird took over the App Store with over 50 million downloads, becoming a pretty hot commodity, especially after the app’s creator decided to take his money and walk.

Flappy Bird is no longer available on app stores, but since its departure, we have seen clever alternatives to the app that fill the Flappy Bird-shaped hole in our hearts, if only for a little while.

There is Flappy Bert, Flappy Doge, Ironpants (among others), and now…Flying Cyrus.


The object of Flying Cyrus is to tap, tap, tap away on your screen, not unlike in Flappy Bird, and get Miley’s head through sledge hammers and wrecking balls, but watch that tongue! She really wants to lick those things. #WRECKINGBIRD

Ballroom dancing makes you smart

Hop off the treadmill, put down the puzzle, slip into some heels and get ready to dance your way to a firmer body and brain.

This semester I’m taking a ballroom dancing class.

In this class, not only do we learn the waltz, foxtrot and all that good stuff, but we also learn the benefits of dancing–not by reading about them in a book, but by actually getting up and moving.

We all know that dancing is good for you, because it can be a form of cardio that gets your heart pumping, but did you also know that dancing gets the brain pumping, too?

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Things You Realize Your Last Year of College

If you’re like me, the fastest four years of your life are about to be over.

You learn a lot throughout college, and here are just a few things you realize before you throw on your cap and grown.

You’ve Grown A Lot

Only when I look back at pictures from freshman year do I realize how much I’ve changed. From my hair to my clothes to the way I see the world–it’s all different, but in a good way. You learn from experiences that you can only have in college. Like that McDonalds at 3 a.m. after a night of drinking is just perfection. Or that maybe you like a certain type of food that you swore you’d never try. Or that you aren’t as weird as you thought you were, because you’ve found a group of people just as wacky as you are! You are wiser than you were when you first stepped into college, and that is something to be proud of.

You Can’t Please Everyone

When I was in high school, I had no enemies. I liked to think I was cool with everyone and no one had any real problems with me. I’m not saying that people dislike me now, but I learned that people will think what they want to think, and that isn’t your problem. All you can do is make the effort to be nice to people. What they do with your kindness is up to them. Everyone is different.

Make Your Own Decisions

I’m gonna sound like a mom, but just because everyone else is doing something, doesn’t make it cool. We all think our friends are smart, but they are just people, and people make mistakes and do stupid things sometimes. Think for yourself and make your own decisions.


Just because you are away at school, does not make you Miss/Mr. Independent. Before Miss Independent could walk strong and tall in her high heels, she fell down a lot and leaned on friends and family to help her back up. It’s called growing. Never be too ashamed to ask for help.

Take Care of Yourself First

Always. Don’t let people push you around or make you feel small. If you are around people who don’t make you feel respected, get new people, because those will only bring you down. You are the most important person in your life, and you deserve to be happy.

There are More Important Things Happening in the World

As a college kid, you may think that your college campus is the world. Because us college kids can’t really see beyond our little college bubble. You may think that getting an F on an essay or that fight with your roommate are the worst things in the world, but they’re not. Outside of this snow globe we call college, there is a real world. In that real world, big and important things that affect our lives are happening. You’ll get over that F and you and your roommate will make up, so don’t stress the small stuff and don’t forget how big the world is and how small we are.

Confessions of a flake

Hello, I’m back from my hiatus!

I moved back to school a few weeks ago and it’s been hard to find time to write, and things to write about. But that’s my own fault.

When I’m not dealing with my classes, two jobs  and position as a copy editor for my campus newspaper, I try to maintain my ‘social life,’ or at least that’s what I like to tell people.

The truth is, if you can drag me out of the house on a Saturday night, you should consider yourself lucky. I’m a self-proclaimed hermit. My ideal weekend is staying in, watching movies, and only going outside to get food. Not exciting stuff.

But last night was different.

I went into Philadelphia with some friends who had been there many times. I, despite living only 20 minutes away from the city, have only been there three times.

We had plans to meet at the train station at 9pm. As the time got closer to 9, I felt myself retracting into my hermit shell, bubbling up some poor excuses to have at the ready as to why I decided to flake—it wouldn’t be the first time.

The thing with me is that I fear the unknown. I watch the news, I see what happens in cities at night. I know that I am not invincible and that bad things could happen to me. So I use those reasons to push myself further back into my shell, where I am convinced I would be happier.

These thoughts went through my head last night, but this time I did not let them win.

I followed through with my plans and went into Philly with my friends, and it was a great time!

We went to this place called Barcade, which is exactly what it sounds like. A bar and an arcade, with 25-cent games and cheap drinks and food!

We hopped around to a few other bars and I saw and experienced things I never would have if I had just stayed at home and watched a marathon of The League.

I learned that it is important to break up the monotony of the week with some friends and fun. I’m never gonna be this young again, so I might as well experience all that I am able to now.