Goodbye Flappy Bird, Hello Flying Cyrus

By now, almost anyone can identify the gentle humming of a certain yellow bird ‘flapping’ its wings, the bling sound that only comes when the bird successfully flies through two green pipes, and the heartbreaking smack sound when the bird crashes into the pipes or ground.

The smartphone app Flappy Bird took over the App Store with over 50 million downloads, becoming a pretty hot commodity, especially after the app’s creator decided to take his money and walk.

Flappy Bird is no longer available on app stores, but since its departure, we have seen clever alternatives to the app that fill the Flappy Bird-shaped hole in our hearts, if only for a little while.

There is Flappy Bert, Flappy Doge, Ironpants (among others), and now…Flying Cyrus.


The object of Flying Cyrus is to tap, tap, tap away on your screen, not unlike in Flappy Bird, and get Miley’s head through sledge hammers and wrecking balls, but watch that tongue! She really wants to lick those things. #WRECKINGBIRD


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