It’s fun to dream, and oftentimes, whenever I am scraping a penny on a lottery scratch-off card, I can’t help but actually put thought into what I would do if I won a hefty amount of money.

Some say that would buy a huge house in some beautiful place, like on the beach, on a mountain or in a city.

Others say they would buy things like their own shark or zebra or 50-foot gumball machine.


I’d give some to my family and move us somewhere better.

Buttttt, I would take the remaining money and buy pretty much everything in a craft store to finally get a start on all of the DIY crafts I have ‘favorited’ and ‘pinned.’ I would also buy every ingredient in store to bake and cook fabulous desserts and meals. But first, I would have to hire someone to teach me how to cook. 😉

Here are some of the crafts and desserts I hope to get started on soon, whether I win the lottery or not!

Bottle Necklace

bottle necklace


Floral Wire Words



Hidden Jewelry Box



Red Velvet & Nutella Cake in a Jar



Vanilla Cupcakes



Nutella Lava Cookies




What would you do if you won the lottery?

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