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Why the Blue Parrotfish is Just Like You

Where’s the Food?


Just like you, the Blue Parrotfish is always hungry. In fact, they spend about 80% of their day looking for food, which consists of algae found on coral and rocks. We all gotta eat our greens!

They’re All About Giving Back

blue eat

Using their special teeth, Blue Parrotfish grind up ingested rocks which are then eliminated to make new sand! This new sand eventually leads to small islands being formed. Thanks for the Caribbean Islands, Blue Parrotfish!

Pajamas are a Must

parrot Fish can make themselves a kind of mucus sleeping bag

Before sleeping, Blue Parrotfish secrete a thick mucus that covers them while they slumber. They wear their ‘pajamas’ to cover up their smell to protect them from predators. Same reason you wear pajamas, right?

A+ Photobombers


Blue Parrotfish have no reserves about jumping into your photo, flashing their white teeth in the camera’s face.

The Countdown

It’s funny. When you are freshman, four years seems like an eternity. You think you have all the time in the world to get things done.

But now, with a little over a month left before I am forced to close this chapter of my life, I am realizing that four years goes by in what feels like a second.

As the days fly by, I am running out of time to cross things off my Senior Year Bucket List! So the time to be proactive starts now.

Here is my Senior Year Bucket List:

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North Jersey vs. South Jersey

I’m sure that in many states, there is a divide– an imaginary line that separates the north from the south.

But in New Jersey, this line (which supposedly falls somewhere around Princeton) separates much more than that. The two halves have differing opinions on food, sports, and even dialect.

Here are some of the main differences between North and South Jersey.

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