The Countdown

It’s funny. When you are freshman, four years seems like an eternity. You think you have all the time in the world to get things done.

But now, with a little over a month left before I am forced to close this chapter of my life, I am realizing that four years goes by in what feels like a second.

As the days fly by, I am running out of time to cross things off my Senior Year Bucket List! So the time to be proactive starts now.

Here is my Senior Year Bucket List:

  • Get drinks with Yiyao

Yiyao was a foreign exchange student from China who was paired with my friends and me in our apartment sophomore year. At first, we didn’t like her. She was a stranger who was throwing off our “yay, living with friends in an apartment” vibe. Childish, I know. But after we moved out, we began to really like her. We don’t live with her anymore or see her too often, but when we do, she greets us with big smiles and a wave. We need to have margaritas with Yiyao. Case closed.

  • Toga Party

Because I’m about to graduate from college and I’ve never experienced a toga party. Isn’t that what college is all about!?

  • Bike Ride Through Campus Wearing Bikinis and Scary Masks

I’ve always been a safe person, never wanting too much unwanted attention. But hey, I’m about to join the real world, so I might as well do something crazy while I can. (Yes, this is my version of ‘crazy’).

  • Camden Aquarium

There is this beautiful aquarium a couple of towns away. It is located in one of the dangerous cities in the country, but I’ll take a risk to see some jellyfish.

  • Drive-In Theater

About a half hour away, there is a drive-in theater, the only one left in New Jersey. It would be so fun to experience something so different and so rare!

  • Check out Philadelphia during the day

My school is 20 minutes away from Philly, one of the most populated cities in the country. Booming with culture, art, and awesome restaurants, Philly is a big tourist attraction. I am ashamed that I’ve only been there a handful of times during my four years here. There are so many places I want to check out, especially PYT, a restaurant that offers crazy burgers like Twinkie burgers, Taco-bun burgers, and Ellio’s-bun burgers.

So that’s my list! I’m hoping to cross a few off in the near future!


Do/Did you have a bucket list your senior year of college? What was on yours?!



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