Why Do We Shop at Victoria’s Secret?

Let’s briefly talk about something that has been bothering me.

Ask any young woman where she buys her undergarments and she will most likely say Victoria’s Secret. Ask her why, and she will probably shrug her shoulders.

From commercials to billboards to fashion shows, Victoria’s Secret knows how to target audiences with branding and advertising. Young women grow up seeing thin models prancing around wearing pretty bras and panties and saying the word “bombshell” to advertise their lingerie. Victoria’s Secret is the idea of sexy, and that’s what young women want to be. So they lay out $30+ for a bra that may not even fit them that well, all because they want to be a part of an image, or the idea of an image. They want to be a member of the “Love Pink” Club.

Ladies, it’s time to open your eyes to the realization that you can get the same exact bra from Target, and the same exact mesh shorts from Nike, all for much cheaper!


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