3 Reasons to Love Mom Jeans

Your mother wears them, your aunt wears them, your teacher wears them on Casual Fridays, and now you wear them.

We’re talking about mom jeans. What once was a fashion uh-oh, is now a fashion ohhh-yesss.


A few weeks ago, I was a skinny jeans gal all the way.

Boyfriend jeans? Psh. Flared-out jeans? Nay. Mom jeans? Hell to the no.

…Until I tried on a pair of mom jeans and slide into a cozy, denim hug, one leg at a time.

Now I’m a believer in the mom jeans, and here are 3 reasons you need to snag yourself a pair right now.


1. Comfortable A.F. (as f**k, for you older mom jean rockers)

Mom jeans are probably the most comfortable jeans you will ever wear in your life, trust me. I’ve been wearing jeans for 22 whole years, so I know what I’m talkin’ about.

They are not too loose or too tight. They hug you around the waist just like a lover should. Also, they are also tight on the butt and the gut. 😉



2. They love babies!

Food babies, too. Did you kind of overdo it at the all-you-can-eat buffet? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But never fear, mom jeans are here!

Tuck that food baby into your high waist band and let your jeans rock that baby to sleep.



3.  Talk about trendy

Moms were totally ahead of the curve with this style staple (apparently), but we youngins had to touch it up.

Tuck a shirt into your jeans and BAM you have a classy and fashionable look going on..

Because mom jeans are essentially high-waisted jeans, crop tops are the perfect match for them.

The options are endless with mom jeans!


Now go to Forever 21 and make the best purchase of your life!

(Beware of camel toe)



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