My Food-Filled Weekend

Happy Labor Day aka Reason to Lie Around All Day Day!

That’s exactly how I am spending today (it’s 7p.m. and I’m still in my pajamas).

I’ve had an awesome three-day weekend, mostly because I spent most of it eating!

On Saturday, my friends and I went to Brooklyn to check out Smorgasburg.

Smorgasburg is a free-of-charge food flea market that takes place Saturday/Sunday in Brooklyn, where food vendors of many sorts set up tent to sell their delicious grub to swarms of foodies.

The types of food you can get there run the scale–you can get anything from pigs in a blanket to a Ramen burger.


Here is a list of vendors. Try not to drool.

After scoping out the endless food tents, I decided on a cemita sandwich from Camita’s Mexican Sandwiches.


The sandwich was a monster, but I’m proud to say that I finished the whole thing! #champ

One of my friends got the same thing, except his had chipotle chicken. Mine had carnitas.


My other friend had Asian tacos and some type of mango smoothie.


After digesting in the grass, we went up for round 2.

I got coconut water from an actual coconut as a pre-dessert beverage. The man working at the tent actually cuts the coconut right in front of you! It was deliciously sweet.


I followed that up with an amazing Goodwich ice cream sandwich from The Good Batch.


Two chocolate chip and oats cookies sandwiching vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate drizzle and sea salt caramel.

Holy moly, it was so freakin’ delicious. I forced myself to finish it, even though I was super full. It was worth it.

My friends and I lied in the grass for a while before exploring Williamsburg.




On Sunday morning, my mom and I hit up the local flea market!


We had some tasty and cheap Chinese food AND scored some fab finds!




This set of 6 martini glasses was $4.


Can’t wait to make some girly dranks. ;*


This cool vase was also $4. I’ll be throwing some flowers in there eventually.


In the evening, I was feeling that urge to bake so I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch! My first time doing that. 🙂



Hope your weekend was great, too!



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