Monthly Archives: November 2014

What Cats are Thankful For On Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving, I’ve been thankful for the same things: Family, friends, and good health.

One more thing was added to that list when I got my cat. I am so grateful for him. I’m grateful for his adorable purrs, his kitten-like meows, even his random bursts of energy that cause him to run around the house like a lion chasing after a zebra.

Being so thankful for my cat, I wondered what it is cats are thankful for. So I asked my cat and this is what he told me.

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2014: Year of the Butt

Two Earth-shattering things happened today.

We landed a spacecraft on a comet, and Kim Kardashian’s Uranus broke the Internet.

Now, I don’t want to belittle the great mission that was accomplished by landing Philae on Comet 67 P, buttt Kim Kardashian’s bare exposure in Paper Magazine just confirmed for me that 2014 is the Year of the Butt.

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