What Cats are Thankful For On Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving, I’ve been thankful for the same things: Family, friends, and good health.

One more thing was added to that list when I got my cat. I am so grateful for him. I’m grateful for his adorable purrs, his kitten-like meows, even his random bursts of energy that cause him to run around the house like a lion chasing after a zebra.

Being so thankful for my cat, I wondered what it is cats are thankful for. So I asked my cat and this is what he told me.

Nap time

Taking care of my territory isn’t easy, as I’m sure you can imagine, which is why nap time is so important. Napping at least eight times a day keeps me alert and on my toes, just in case I need to squish a fly or catch that red dot. Without nap time, I probably wouldn’t have the energy to do what I love most: eating. But it wouldn’t be right to state my gratitude for your bed, your couch, your chair, your lap–all the places in which I nap.

Food time 

My favorite time of the day is food time. You may not know this I always have to verbally remind you when it is food time. I know sometimes you forget, Human. Food time means so much to me that I would gladly sacrifice my noon nap if it means I could eat NOW. Like right now, as I am writing this. That’s how thankful I am for food, especially wet food. Wet food is God’s gift to felines.


My days would be incomplete without my beloved windows, through which I am able to keep an eye on all of the land I oversee. I defend my land from rabbits, other cats, rodents, even those pesky squirrels that taunt me from the other side of the glass. Thank you, Human, for windows.


Human, without you, I wouldn’t have a lap to nap in, a window to peer out of, or delicious wet food to eat. I am very thankful for you. I mean, when you pull out that can of wet food, my love for your increases for however long it takes you to plop a chunk of it into my bowl. Even though you are a little stingy with the wet food, I’m grateful for you and every bit of food I get…even if it isn’t enough. Just saying. More wet food plz.


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