10 Things Commuters Should Always Have In Their Cars

When you’re on the road, you never know what is going to come your way, whether it’s crippling hunger or a flat tire.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have all of commuter essentials when doing a lot of driving.

Here are the 10 things every commuter needs to have in his or her car at all times.

1. Extra snacks

Why is it only when I’m sitting in bumper to bumper traffic that my stomach decides to wake up and demand food? If you’re a commuter, you probably know what I mean.

That’s why I always try to have granola bars or crackers hidden in my car, for when hunger (not boredom) strikes.

2. Spare change

You never know when you’re going to pay a surprise toll, or need a quick chocolate bar or taco from Taco Bell. It’s always good to be prepared.

3. Car charger

In this day and age, everyone and their mothers (mine does) has a phone charger in the car. If an emergency happens, you don’t want to be caught with a low battery. Plus, if you use you phone for entertainment purposes while stuck in traffic and Pandora cuts out on you, you’re doomed for boredom.

4. Change of clothes

When driving to work, do you ever see people in work attire on the side of the road changing a flat tire?

As a woman who likes to wear dresses to work, if I get a flat tire on my way to work wearing an outfit that would make changing a ire an even more difficult task than it already is, I wouldn’t know what to do!

That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a change of clothes you don’t really care about in your trunk, just in case.

5. Change of shoes

Let’s keep with the changing a tire scenario–what if it’s raining? Then you’re going to have cold, soppy shoes all day at work.

Don’t have cold, soppy shoes all day at work.

6. First Aid kit

This is just handy to have anywhere you are, especially in a car.

7. Umbrella

You don’t want to be the one who shows up to work soaked because you neglected to check the forecast and don’t keep a good ol’ umbrella in your car.

8. Sunglasses

How many times have you been driving to the store when OH GOD IT’S SO BRIGHT OUT.

The sun just comes out of nowhere. You’d think we’d be use to it by now.

Keeping sunglasses in your car will keep you from being the squinter and potentially getting into an accident.

9. Water bottle

Even if you aren’t travelling far, it’s smart to have water bottles handy, even if it’s just for a quick quench. When travelling far, it’s more important to stay hydrated. Drinking water keeps you awake and alert.

10. Gum

Like water, gum helps keep your alert, despite what your teachers told you in high school! Plus, it can subside your hunger a bit if you ate up all of your snacks and spent all your spare change!


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