5 Awesome DIY Pinterest Projects To Do On My Day Off

Like every other girl in the world, I love Pinterest.

As I pin cool projects I’d like to try, I get a thrill from imagining how great they will look after I make them.

That is, if I have time to make them.

Pinterest is sort of like my bucket list–things I hope to do before I die, but don’t really make time for.

Here are 5 DIY projects I hope to do before I die, or at least on my next day off!

Cork Planters


I like to save my wine corks for a rainy day DIY project,and this might be it! Plants really brighten up a room, and I love the idea of sticking my corks onto the fridge for all to see, inside of squeezing them into the mason jar I keep them in now.



Ever since I was in high school, I’ve been a chapstick addict. If my lips aren’t lathered in that stuff, I just don’t feel normal. This DIY chapstick project is exactly what need to make sure I have AT LEAST 10 chapsticks on my person at all times.

Crochet Leaves


Learning how to crochet anything other than a scarf is high on my long list of new year’s resolutions. I’m up for this crafty challenge!

Watercolor Mugs


Next to chapstick, mugs are my obsession, so I would never want to mess one up. But seeing as all you need for this project is a white ceramic mug, old container, and nail polish, I don’t see myself failing too hard!

Distressed Wooden Sign


Rustic looks have always caught my eye; I just never understood why people would spend so much money on rustic-looking signs when they looked so easy to make. This project is provides easy-to-follow steps, which is good for a DIY beginner like me.


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