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Digital Cameras vs Smartphones

Do you ever see someone sporting around a huge, fancy camera and think to yourself “yeah cool, but can you send text messages from it?”

Remember when cellphones made phone calls and cameras took pictures? When people brought the good ol’ point-and-shoot cameras to parties, weddings, BBQs, etc and Ashton Kutcher was advertising Nikon commercials.

Speaking from personal experience, I’d say the official cell phone/digital camera merger happened in 2008, or at least that’s when I migrated to a fully functional smartphone and the last time I touched my digital camera. But as much as I rely on my smartphone to do, well, everything, I can’t help but wish it was less convenient.

Growing up, I was always the one taking pictures on my digital camera. Every holiday, you would find me snapping shots of my family, the food, trying to capture the atmosphere. Now during the holidays, everyone is hovering their phones over their meals and sticking them in people’s faces so they can quickly upload and share how #blessed they are.

The age of digital camera was a good one. Photos were raw, more candid, with no filters to scroll through, no clever caption to think up, and no pressure to even share the photo on social media at that very second. Selfies didn’t have such a negative stigma to them either, despite some front-facing cameras popping up.

One of the things I loved the most about digital cameras was that I always printed the pictures I took. I’d take a trip to the CVS, plug my camera’s chip into the printing machine and a few minutes later, I’d have glossy prints of my memories that I could hang up on my wall, put in a frame, or in a photo album.

At events, I’m still the one who takes pictures of everything, but it’s always on my phone and I hardly print anymore. I’m changing that, though!

I’m going to start printing photos again. I’ve always loved being surrounded by pictures of people. Every photo has a story.


9 Reasons Why Phoebe was the best ‘Friend’

Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe– everyone has a favorite friend from the always-awesome ’90s TV show “Friends.”

While each character is hilarious and unique in his or her own way, Phoebe is the weird, quirky, and just a bit ditsy (which we love).

Whether you love Ross for his sulky “hi”, Monica for her OCD, for Joey for his passion for sandwiches, you have to give it to Phoebe for always being the best friend.

She’s a good mediator

Phoebe is very drama-free, but is always willing to step in as mediator from a neutral when her friends have disagreements. She is not afraid to tell it like it is for the sake of being honest and true to her friends.


She’s selfless

I mean, come on. She carried her brother’s babies! Anyone who does that for her brother who is in love with a woman too old to conceive is odd, but pretty sweet.


She tells the truth

Whether it was with her friends, family, or random kids, Phoebe never held back from telling the truth, and everyone appreciated that about her. Especially the random kids who learned a little lesson in food preparation from Phoebe.


She expresses herself through music

Using her handy guitar, Phoebe wrotes songs about every day things that inspire her. Whether it’s about the colors in her bedroom, sticky shoes, or a smelly cat, you better believe Phoebe was going to create a catchy tune about it.


She knows how to be one of the guys

Never being the girly girl on the TV show, Phoebe fits in super well with the girls and the guys. She knew how to dress up when the occasion called for it, but most importantly, she knew how to bro out.


She’s tough

Teenage Phoebe was homeless so she had to learn how to defend herself. There are many episodes in which Phoebe drops a hint toward a crazy story that took place when she was living on the streets. She doesn’t take crap from anyone, and she keeps things interesting, to say the least.


She’s spiritual

Phoebe is very supersticious and believes in spirits. Remember when she finds a lost cat on the street and thinks it’s her mom? Or old lady dies on her massage table and Phoebe thinks the woman’s spirit is inside of her? Crazy or not, Phoebe’s keen sense in pretty valuable to the friend group. Plus, you need someone to cleanse your ora every once and a while.


She’s a teacher

Phoebe was never too busy for her friends. She always had time to teach them things, even when they want to play guitar and don’t follow Phoebe’s instructions…


She always put her friends first

Phoebe was a big supporter of “bros before hoes.” She hardly ever put a love interest or valuables before her friends. She lived the further out of all of the friends, but she was always there at the apartment, smile on her face, guitar in hand, saying something weird and funny. She knows what’s important in life: friends. And that’s why Phoebe is the best friend.


Netflix: the glue in a millennial society

I finally feel like a normal 23-year-old girl/woman/thing.

For what feels like years, I’ve been missing out on what used to be a huge phenomenon but has since become a social norm of today’s society. I would even go so far as saying this activity has the ability to potentially outcast you or help you assimilate into any environment.

I’m talking about Netflixing.

I’ve had Netflix for about six months now, and I finally understand what all the hype is about. I finally understand all the Netflix memes like this:


I let Netflix make my decisions for me now.

And this:


We all know this one all too well…

Andddd this:


According to a study by NPD Group, “75% of Millennials *who own connected TVs are using them to watch over-the-top content (Netflix, YouTube, etc).”

That’s not to say that all of our routines go like this: sleep, work/school, Netflix, repeat. But the shows we spend our time watching often define us, much like a culture.

As a millennial, I’m confident in saying that while we do converse over breaking news, politics, and technology, the shows we watch are a quick segue into a more enjoyable conversation that is likely to form a bond between millennials.

How many times have you been at the water cooler at work or waiting for your class to begin and the person next to you asks if you like “Game of Thrones” or “Breaking Bad”?

It’s interesting how TV shows can provide acceptance, form friendships, create bonds, much like music does. It brings people together, and that’s powerful.

Now, if only there was a three-day Netflix festival…much like a Woodstock.



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Hoop dancing: Why I started and Why you Should, too

I started the summer with the motivation to find a new hobby.

I’ve never been a person who followed through or stuck anything out (as you can see from my sporadic blog posts). When I was five, my mom signed me up for gymnastics, but after frustrating my teachers with how inflexible I was, I quit. When I was eight, I joined a recreational soccer team, but after always being the girl kicking the ball in the wrong direction, I quit.

I never tried to improve through practice. When the going got tough, I got going.

But I had a good feeling about this summer. I wanted to find a new hobby and stick with it. If I failed at it, then at least I can say I tried my best.

I was at a friend’s BBQ when I saw an orange plastic hula hoop leaning against the fence. I had had a few drinks and decided to pick it up and play with it. I swung it around my waist and my arms, I skipped around with it, tossed it into the air a bit, danced with it, all while trying to hold conversations with people. That hoop and I were inseparable the rest of the night.

I remember thinking, in my drunken state, “this hoop is now my favorite accessory.”

I guess it was obvious to my friend that I had taken a liking to her hoop, so she let me have it.

The next day, I was busy looking up videos of hoop dancing, learning about the different ways to dance with a hoop, the different types of hoops. I was completely fascinated.

I ended up buying a ‘legit’ hoop.

Yes, there are different types of hoops! Check out what I mean here, here, and here.

I’m proud to say that I have been practicing semi-regularly throughout the summer and have gotten better!

Hooping is a lot of fun. Here are some cool reasons why you should give hoop dancing a try:


Any type of movement will get your heart rate up, but finding something that makes it enjoyable is key. Hoop dancing targets your abs and even your arms by lifting and moving the hoop up, down, or off your body.


Self-esteem comes from feeling good about yourself. Learning a new skill is a great way to give yourself a thumbs-up. When you master one move, you feel proud and more confident about learning the next move, and so on. Plus, anything involving moving the waist makes you feel sexy which could lead to confidence ;).


Like with many niche hobbies, there will always be a group of people out there with the same interests. Hooping has a huge following, and depending on your location and the time of year, you may find yourself much closer to a troop of hoopers than you think. Summertime is prime time for music festivals where you’re likely to see some hoopers showing off their skills to the beat of the live music. With enough practice, you could be grabbing your hoop and joining them.

Fun at Parties

Every party needs a hula hoop. A boring event could easily be transformed with a hoop. Throw on some music, get your hoop, and get ready to see jaws drop when you show your friends what you have been practicing. Even if you aren’t where you want to be just yet in terms of skill level, your friends will definitely be impressed.