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A spark of ambition in a world too content

Everybody has a dream–something they aspire to achieve–whether it’s to travel the world before the age of 40 or to write a novel.

While we all have this in common, only a handful of us ever make these dreams of ours a reality. We put effort into painting the pictures in our heads, but when it comes down to putting in the actual effort, the real effort, most of us take a step back. Maybe we’re afraid that if we do make our dream happen, it won’t live up to what it was in our heads.

Maybe we are just afraid to fail. Maybe that fear alone is enough to keep us content looking at that pretty picture that hangs only in your head.

I’m guilty of that.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda. That’s my mentality most of the time. It’s so easy to think that way when most of the people around me have a similar mentality. We sit around talking about what we will one day do with our lives, but we don’t make strides toward making those things happen.

This could (and would) be misconstrued as the norm–something everyone in the world feels/thinks/does, too– except it’s not, and I’m reminded of that when I meet inspiring people or reconnect with some of my overly ambitious friends.

A particularly driven friend of mine I’ve known since 6th grade. She works in retail, as well as a dancer, and does photography, choreography, video directing/producing on the side. She is the most ambitious person I know. She constantly wants to better herself and continue improving and learning.

Having people in my life like that provides me with little reminders that I too can make my dreams happen. Everyone can. We just need to be willing to go for it! We shouldn’t just settle for ‘content.’ We should push ourselves to attain what we really want.

First step? Declaring what you really want.

I’m starting small but here are the things I will cross off my fairly simple yet personally daunting mental to-do list:

  • Pick a direction for this blog and stick with it
  • Start a podcast
  • Start working on story ideas






Being a Woman in 2015: This is NOT a Post About Feminism

Is it me or has the word ‘feminist’ gotten a bad rep recently?

I don’t want that to come off the wrong way; I’m a woman so of course I want equal everything, too.

It just seems like the word ‘feminist’ has lost its meaning , and the image of the feminist is skewed.

According to Webster’s, ‘Feminism’ is:

  1. the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
  2. organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests

But if you ask the Internet what a feminist is, a majority of the responses you’d get (mostly from men, I’m sure) would be “ugly women who like to bitch and complain about men.’

The truth is that, as women, we have something to complain about.

I often come across men who make my skin crawl and make me wonder why I share the same air as them.

I’ve been cat called. I’ve been whistled at. I’ve been approached in public. Just for being a woman who happens to be walking alone.

I’ve been scared.

Scared to say how I really feel in those moments, which is usually ‘leave the fuck alone.’

But instead of saying that, I usually don’t say anything because if I do, who knows that will happen?

Too often women are made out to be bitches just because we do not want to encourage men’s ‘flirty’ behavior i.e. them telling us to smile more, or even going so far as to cat call or whistle at us from a moving car. It’s not welcomed.  Yet, even though this seems like an obviously trivial concept to grasp, women are living in fear that these men, who can’t handle the fact that a woman has an opinion to express that (GOD FORBID) could be about the way we are treated by them, will retaliate.

I stumbled across this awesome post today on written by a woman who took to Twitter with a selfie that said ‘FUCK YOU IF YOU TELL A WOMAN TO SMILE’ after being approached by some creep, only to be harassed and called awful names by a bunch of trolls. Definitely check it out here. It’s powerful stuff.

It really is unfair that we live in a world like this, where women have to watch what they say or do, or don’t say and don’t do, because even when we do nothing, like sit by ourselves and mind our own business, we are bitches.

3 Reasons Why Halloween is the Most Stressful Holiday

When it comes to the most stressful holidays, most people would say Christmas and Thanksgiving are the top – if not only – two.

People are always rushing and angry from nightmare traveling of waiting hours at the airport just to be squeezed into a plane bursting with other angry travelers, or sitting in hours of traffic. And then you have the people who are preparing to host holidays at their homes. They pull their hair out over coordinating, cleaning, cooking, and accommodating.

While Christmas and Thanksgiving are without a doubt stressful, I have to say that Halloween, while not an official holiday, is the most stressful.

Picking the Outfit

On no other holiday does it matter more what you wear than on Halloween. The premise of the holiday is to dress up and go from door to door asking for candy. As an adult, the same holds true. What you wear on Halloween is important.

Most women conceive their costume idea months in advance. Coming up with an outfit idea can be particularly stressful because a good costume should be unique, hard to repeat or replicate, and stand out on some level.


Once the costume has been decided, it is time to start brainstorming how to put the outfit together (unless you are being something that comes with all of the pieces and accessories in a plastic bag at the costume store).

A few years ago, I was sexy Abraham Lincoln for Halloween (I’m weird, I know). You’re not going to find that outfit at the Halloween store so I had to first figure out the look I was going for, what I need to create the look, and then hit a few different store. Outfits like this should not be left to the last minute.


I find this part to be the most stressful because where you choose to celebrate Halloween could potentially make or break your night and make all of the other stresses you dealt with to get to this point a waste!

If the music isn’t right, or the drinks are too expensive, or if the place is just way too crowded to even move, the night has the potential to be dampened a bit. It’s important to find a place where you can have fun for a while, unless you plan to hop around to a few different places.