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Beginning of Fall- Cinnamon Spice Lip Balm

You know what’s better than the taste of pumpkin-spice-everything?

The smell of pumpkin-spice everything.

While I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin spice lattes (please don’t hit me!), I do share the love of Fall-flavored things, like pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin beers. Something about those flavors that only come from ground spices like cinnamon and clove.

Who could resist the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg spices swirled together with warm pumpkin that lets us know that Fall has arrived?

Well, PSL lovers, listen up because I found a new way to incorporate the pumpkin-y spicy flavor into your life: lip balm.


I’ve been a very DIY mood lately; it’s been super motivating! So I thought ‘what can I make that I know I’d use all the time?’

Well since I am a proud lip balm addict, I took to Pinterest in search of a DIY lip balm recipe. But with Fall sweeping in fast, I realized that I needed a pumpkin spice lip balm in my life.

What you need:

10 Lip Balm Tubes

1 tbsp Beewax

2 tbsp Coconut Oil

8 drops Cinnamon and Clove Essential Oils

1/8 tsp Pumpkin Spice Mix

Using a double boiler, heat the beeswax and coconut oil on the stove until it is completely melted.

Quickly squirt your Essential Oils and drop your Pumpkin Spice Mix in there and mix, mix, mix.

Get your tubes ready and, using a funnel, slowly pour in your waxy mixture.

Set aside and let cool until they harden.

Now comes the fun part- with your tube blank and white, you’re free to create a cool, personalized label. I don’t have any labels at the moment, but I still have an awesome time making these! They are super easy and rewarding to make!



5 Awesome DIY Pinterest Projects To Do On My Day Off

Like every other girl in the world, I love Pinterest.

As I pin cool projects I’d like to try, I get a thrill from imagining how great they will look after I make them.

That is, if I have time to make them.

Pinterest is sort of like my bucket list–things I hope to do before I die, but don’t really make time for.

Here are 5 DIY projects I hope to do before I die, or at least on my next day off!

Cork Planters


I like to save my wine corks for a rainy day DIY project,and this might be it! Plants really brighten up a room, and I love the idea of sticking my corks onto the fridge for all to see, inside of squeezing them into the mason jar I keep them in now.



Ever since I was in high school, I’ve been a chapstick addict. If my lips aren’t lathered in that stuff, I just don’t feel normal. This DIY chapstick project is exactly what need to make sure I have AT LEAST 10 chapsticks on my person at all times.

Crochet Leaves


Learning how to crochet anything other than a scarf is high on my long list of new year’s resolutions. I’m up for this crafty challenge!

Watercolor Mugs


Next to chapstick, mugs are my obsession, so I would never want to mess one up. But seeing as all you need for this project is a white ceramic mug, old container, and nail polish, I don’t see myself failing too hard!

Distressed Wooden Sign


Rustic looks have always caught my eye; I just never understood why people would spend so much money on rustic-looking signs when they looked so easy to make. This project is provides easy-to-follow steps, which is good for a DIY beginner like me.