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3 Reasons Why Halloween is the Most Stressful Holiday

When it comes to the most stressful holidays, most people would say Christmas and Thanksgiving are the top – if not only – two.

People are always rushing and angry from nightmare traveling of waiting hours at the airport just to be squeezed into a plane bursting with other angry travelers, or sitting in hours of traffic. And then you have the people who are preparing to host holidays at their homes. They pull their hair out over coordinating, cleaning, cooking, and accommodating.

While Christmas and Thanksgiving are without a doubt stressful, I have to say that Halloween, while not an official holiday, is the most stressful.

Picking the Outfit

On no other holiday does it matter more what you wear than on Halloween. The premise of the holiday is to dress up and go from door to door asking for candy. As an adult, the same holds true. What you wear on Halloween is important.

Most women conceive their costume idea months in advance. Coming up with an outfit idea can be particularly stressful because a good costume should be unique, hard to repeat or replicate, and stand out on some level.


Once the costume has been decided, it is time to start brainstorming how to put the outfit together (unless you are being something that comes with all of the pieces and accessories in a plastic bag at the costume store).

A few years ago, I was sexy Abraham Lincoln for Halloween (I’m weird, I know). You’re not going to find that outfit at the Halloween store so I had to first figure out the look I was going for, what I need to create the look, and then hit a few different store. Outfits like this should not be left to the last minute.


I find this part to be the most stressful because where you choose to celebrate Halloween could potentially make or break your night and make all of the other stresses you dealt with to get to this point a waste!

If the music isn’t right, or the drinks are too expensive, or if the place is just way too crowded to even move, the night has the potential to be dampened a bit. It’s important to find a place where you can have fun for a while, unless you plan to hop around to a few different places.


Winter Fashion is a Myth

Two pairs of socks on. Leggings under slacks. Multiple shirts layers on top of each other, covered by a thick coat, scarf, and hat.

This is a New Jersey winter.

At least for those of us that want to stay warm.

When I was younger, I cared more about looking ‘cool’ than feeling warm. I would walk to the school bus stop on fridged January mornings with a light jacket, no gloves, no hat, no scarf, and wait for the bus.

I was freezing my ass, but at least I looked effortlessly cool. Because when you look cool, you don’t really feel the biting wind and chilling temperatures of a New Jersey winter, right?

Right! You don’t feel it because your body has gone numb.

Winter fashion has got to be a myth because there is no way women can get away with wearing this gorgeous outfits without freezing to death.

You're trying to keep warm with ripped jeans and exposed feet?! Not in these parts!

You’re trying to keep warm with ripped jeans and exposed feet?! Not in these parts!

Okay, at least this one's got gloves and boots, but the wind is totally gonna blow that sweater off you!

Okay, at least this one’s got gloves and boots, but the wind is totally gonna blow that sweater off you!

Smiling, but your fingers are crying!

Smiling, but your fingers are crying!

It’s not possible to be chic every day during the torturous winter.

This picture pretty much sums it up:


Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 

Fall Faves- Pinterest Finds

One of the things I love the most about living in New Jersey is experiencing every season.

In the winter, it snows. The sky is white, the snow flakes glide down from the clouds and land gently in your hair, everyone is bundled in coats, scarves, and hats.

In the spring, the bees buzz over to the blooming flowers, the grass shows its usual shade of green, the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air.

In the summer, the beaches are covered in sun bathing locals and visitors alike, the pools open up, the AC cranks on.

In the fall, the leaves on the trees change their color from green to gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows, pumpkin patches and apple orchards become the weekend hot spots, and a slight chill begins to take over the state.

With so many great qualities to each season, it is hard to choose a favorite, but if I had to choose a favorite something, I’d say my favorite thing about every season is the yummy, creative, and festive desserts and drinks that are made.

Here are just a few of the must-try desserts I have pinned on Pinterest for this Fall.

Baked Apples with Rum and Cinnamon


If this treat doesn’t scream ‘Fall,’ I don’t know what does. When I stumbled across this pin, I knew that that baked rum apple and I are meant to share a magical night in front of a TV watching “Halloween Town.”

Pumpkin Pie Bites


Everyone love mini things, right? Mini dogs, mini golf, minivans–all good things, but not as good as these mini pumpkin pie bites look. Bite-sized treat are the best because it’s all of the deliciousness with half the effort. I mean, when you’re dealing with pumpkin pie, who really has time for a fork and plate? Not me.

Spooky Treats


When I was in elementary school, a peer’s mom brought in “dirt pudding” for our Halloween party. I remember thinking that was the coolest thing ever. Dirt pudding, for whose who do not know, is chocolate pudding with crumbled chocolate cookies, to make it look like dirt, and gummy worms sticking out of the dirt.

Nowadays, every mom can be a cool mom with the help of Pinterest. I’m not a mom but I plan on being the coolest daughter/friend when I make these awesome treats.

Top left.  Top right. Bottom right. Bottom left.

Apple Cider Sangria


Apple cider always tastes good but for some reason is tastes way better in the Fall, especially when you throw in some Pinot. This recipe might have you wishing that drinking from apples was acceptable all year.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie


Cinnamon + pecans + chia seeds + pumpkin= Fall flavor in a cup.  This recipe calls for coconut milk, which sounds like such a good contrast to the pumpkin taste.

Caramel Apple Pie Cocktail


Have your pie and drink it, too, with this delicious cocktail. I have tried a variation of this recipe and loooved it. It goes down so smooth and tasty. Apple cider and Rumchata are kind of a match made in Cocktail Heaven.

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North Jersey vs. South Jersey

I’m sure that in many states, there is a divide– an imaginary line that separates the north from the south.

But in New Jersey, this line (which supposedly falls somewhere around Princeton) separates much more than that. The two halves have differing opinions on food, sports, and even dialect.

Here are some of the main differences between North and South Jersey.

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14 Gifs that Describe Being a Rowan Student

Rowan’s campus is small, so you know basically everyone



It rains. all. the. time. 



But sometimes it snows a little bit, so we get a snow day.



But when it blizzards, we have classes until 1 p.m.



Trying to get into Landmark on First Friday is insane.



The place is overflowing with people…



…so trying to get the bartender’s attention looks something like this.



The girls at The Spot be like…



And you’re just there like…


Most academic buildings look like decrepit middle schools



But not Rowan Hall, because Henry Rowan makes sure he maintains that building with donations!



There aren’t enough parking spots for commuter students.



And there isn’t enough room for students to live on campus.



But despite everything, we are all Profs. And Profs stick together…or something.