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3 Reasons Why Halloween is the Most Stressful Holiday

When it comes to the most stressful holidays, most people would say Christmas and Thanksgiving are the top – if not only – two.

People are always rushing and angry from nightmare traveling of waiting hours at the airport just to be squeezed into a plane bursting with other angry travelers, or sitting in hours of traffic. And then you have the people who are preparing to host holidays at their homes. They pull their hair out over coordinating, cleaning, cooking, and accommodating.

While Christmas and Thanksgiving are without a doubt stressful, I have to say that Halloween, while not an official holiday, is the most stressful.

Picking the Outfit

On no other holiday does it matter more what you wear than on Halloween. The premise of the holiday is to dress up and go from door to door asking for candy. As an adult, the same holds true. What you wear on Halloween is important.

Most women conceive their costume idea months in advance. Coming up with an outfit idea can be particularly stressful because a good costume should be unique, hard to repeat or replicate, and stand out on some level.


Once the costume has been decided, it is time to start brainstorming how to put the outfit together (unless you are being something that comes with all of the pieces and accessories in a plastic bag at the costume store).

A few years ago, I was sexy Abraham Lincoln for Halloween (I’m weird, I know). You’re not going to find that outfit at the Halloween store so I had to first figure out the look I was going for, what I need to create the look, and then hit a few different store. Outfits like this should not be left to the last minute.


I find this part to be the most stressful because where you choose to celebrate Halloween could potentially make or break your night and make all of the other stresses you dealt with to get to this point a waste!

If the music isn’t right, or the drinks are too expensive, or if the place is just way too crowded to even move, the night has the potential to be dampened a bit. It’s important to find a place where you can have fun for a while, unless you plan to hop around to a few different places.



9 Reasons Why Phoebe was the best ‘Friend’

Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe– everyone has a favorite friend from the always-awesome ’90s TV show “Friends.”

While each character is hilarious and unique in his or her own way, Phoebe is the weird, quirky, and just a bit ditsy (which we love).

Whether you love Ross for his sulky “hi”, Monica for her OCD, for Joey for his passion for sandwiches, you have to give it to Phoebe for always being the best friend.

She’s a good mediator

Phoebe is very drama-free, but is always willing to step in as mediator from a neutral when her friends have disagreements. She is not afraid to tell it like it is for the sake of being honest and true to her friends.


She’s selfless

I mean, come on. She carried her brother’s babies! Anyone who does that for her brother who is in love with a woman too old to conceive is odd, but pretty sweet.


She tells the truth

Whether it was with her friends, family, or random kids, Phoebe never held back from telling the truth, and everyone appreciated that about her. Especially the random kids who learned a little lesson in food preparation from Phoebe.


She expresses herself through music

Using her handy guitar, Phoebe wrotes songs about every day things that inspire her. Whether it’s about the colors in her bedroom, sticky shoes, or a smelly cat, you better believe Phoebe was going to create a catchy tune about it.


She knows how to be one of the guys

Never being the girly girl on the TV show, Phoebe fits in super well with the girls and the guys. She knew how to dress up when the occasion called for it, but most importantly, she knew how to bro out.


She’s tough

Teenage Phoebe was homeless so she had to learn how to defend herself. There are many episodes in which Phoebe drops a hint toward a crazy story that took place when she was living on the streets. She doesn’t take crap from anyone, and she keeps things interesting, to say the least.


She’s spiritual

Phoebe is very supersticious and believes in spirits. Remember when she finds a lost cat on the street and thinks it’s her mom? Or old lady dies on her massage table and Phoebe thinks the woman’s spirit is inside of her? Crazy or not, Phoebe’s keen sense in pretty valuable to the friend group. Plus, you need someone to cleanse your ora every once and a while.


She’s a teacher

Phoebe was never too busy for her friends. She always had time to teach them things, even when they want to play guitar and don’t follow Phoebe’s instructions…


She always put her friends first

Phoebe was a big supporter of “bros before hoes.” She hardly ever put a love interest or valuables before her friends. She lived the further out of all of the friends, but she was always there at the apartment, smile on her face, guitar in hand, saying something weird and funny. She knows what’s important in life: friends. And that’s why Phoebe is the best friend.


My Food-Filled Weekend

Happy Labor Day aka Reason to Lie Around All Day Day!

That’s exactly how I am spending today (it’s 7p.m. and I’m still in my pajamas).

I’ve had an awesome three-day weekend, mostly because I spent most of it eating!

On Saturday, my friends and I went to Brooklyn to check out Smorgasburg.

Smorgasburg is a free-of-charge food flea market that takes place Saturday/Sunday in Brooklyn, where food vendors of many sorts set up tent to sell their delicious grub to swarms of foodies.

The types of food you can get there run the scale–you can get anything from pigs in a blanket to a Ramen burger.


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From Wednesday through Saturday, I attended the College Media Association’s conference in New York, a conference that brings out the staffs of newspaper, magazines, and yearbooks, from all over the country.

Every day, there are many different lectures relating to many facets journalism, from editing to graphic design. These lectures, or workshops, are taught by significant figures in the journalism field.


A picture I took of a table holding college newspapers from all over the country.

I had an absolutely amazing time! I met so many interesting people and learned so many useful things that will help me upon graduation.


This photo was taken before I learned how to properly wear a nametag in one workshop.

I’m still afraid of the future, but after this weekend, I’m a little more hopeful and confident that I can make it in journalism.

I also created a website with my writing samples on it. Check it out: http://laurenbonillablog.wordpress.com/